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Josh Myers Valuation Solutions, LLC

Consulting Solutions

Model-Building and Implementation

Do you need help implementing more statistically complex residential mass-appraisal models like Geographically-Weighted Regression (GWR), Multiple Regression Analysis (MRA), Non-Linear Regression, and Comparable Sales? If so, then Josh Myers Valuation Solutions can help you with the process from start to finish.

Ratio Studies and Performance Analysis

Do you need an independent, robust, and statistically-sound ratio study performed according to IAAO Standards? If so, then Josh can help. Do you need to know if your current models are performing adequately? If so, Josh can show you how you stack up against advanced statistical models and potentially reveal weak spots in your appraisal process.

Advanced Statistical Analysis

Do you have a particular problem that you need help solving? Do you want to improve a specific area of your mass appraisal process? If so, then Josh can help you accomplish your goals through an advanced statistical analysis that solves your complex problems.

Expert Witness Testimony

Do you need an expert to prepare an independent ratio study and provide testimony for upcoming litigation? If so, then Josh can help by reporting the facts and clearly explaining what the numbers say.

Mathematical, Statistical, and R Training Classes

Do you need to get members of your appraisal staff up-to-speed on the basic mathematics and statistics they will need to do their job? Do you need to get appraisers ready to tackle the mathematical challenges of an IAAO Course? Do you want to train key staff on statistical analysis with R? If so, then Josh can do a customized in-person training course for members of your staff.